How do we live our beliefs?

Our community, this place where we are known, is where we join with others to do the work that Jesus set before us: to love our neighbors. For us that means feeding people physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Everybody should be fed.

As an inclusive community, we are invited to full participation in the life of our church. We exclude no one and make public our support of the LGBTQIA community and their place in God's world.

Science and religion come together for us in our work as stewards of God's world as we take responsibility for, and work to, create a more ecologically equitable and sustainable world. Our goal is a higher quality of life for all of God's creation.

Methodists have long demonstrated a concern for social justice taking unpopular positions on controversial issues such as the slave trade, health care for the poor, the cruel treatment of prisoners, and education for all. Our Social Principles speak to human issues in the contemporary world from a biblical and theological foundation.